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Here are Three Ways To Contact Your Representatives

Step 1.

Sign the “Release full UFO videos now” petition

In 2017 the Department of Defense confirmed 3 UFO videos called the “Gimbal, Go Fast, and Tic Tac,” totaling 2 minutes and 20 seconds of what former and current government officials claim as evidence of physics-defying maneuvers. The DoD has since confirmed the videos as real encounters. 

Since 2017 these videos have been analyzed intensely and have caused a debate within the scientific and UFO communities. There is insufficient public data to determine whether these videos constitute taxpayer money to be allocated for new offices and procedures within the Department of Defense to analyze UFO data. The public needs more clarity!

On June 15th, 2022, after the public UAP hearing, retired Navy F-18 Fighter Pilot Lt. Ryan Graves tweeted the following “Where are the remaining four minutes of the GIMBAL video? Has Congress seen it? If not, why not?” These incursions happened in 2004 on older systems in American airspace and are now in the public domain. 

Congress, it is time to release the rest of the footage and all data related to these 3 UFO videos! It will help build more trust between the American people, our intelligence agencies, and lawmakers. We request the immediate release of the full versions of the “Gimbal, Go-Fast, and Tic Tac” videos. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

-The Relentlessly Curious Public

Step 2.


Using the information found through the resources below, copy your senator or congress-person’s email and paste into the templates we’ve provided in Step 3.

Step 3.


Calling your representatives is a very effective way to speak to your representatives. If they don’t answer, just leave a message!

Not sure what to say? Click the button below to read a script we’ve written for you.


We’ve put together a few templates with specific wording to communicate with our representatives.


The American taxpayer has had enough secrecy, bureaucracy, and lack of serious scientific discussion on #UAP incursions in sensitive US airspace. We request you to advocate for bipartisan Congressional UAP hearings now! Thank you. #theBIGPHONEHOME3


Luis Jimenez the big phone home - Home

Luis Jimenez

Host of The Unidentified Celebrity Review & Co Host of The Singularity Lab

Luis Jimenez is a Cuban-American-born actor and host of “The Unidentified Celebrity Review,” a daily UAP/UFO review channel taking the topic of UAPs seriously, just not himself too seriously. With a strong passion for bipartisan politics, Luis organized the first-ever organized call to action live stream event called “The Big Phone Home.” With help from colleagues from all over the world, we encouraged citizens to request from Congress and Senate more transparency and scientific discussion on the topic of UAP/UFOs.
Jane Kyle2 - Home

Jane Kyle

AKA “UFOJane” 

Since 2012, Jane Kyle (aka “UFOJane”) has documented over a thousand UFO sightings in her home state of Texas — and counting! Even after all these years of research, though, she has more questions than ever, and loves interviewing UFO experts and witnesses on her YouTube channel.Jane has been featured in local and international media, including the Austin American Statesman, San Antonio Express News, Fox 7 Austin, the UK’s Daily Express news, the CW show  “Mysteries Decoded,” and most recently, in the Discovery+ documentary, “Roswell: The Final Verdict.”Jane has a journalism degree from the  University of Texas at Austin, and lives with her family in New Braunfels, Texas.

Rather B Squidding the big phone home - Home

Rather B. Squidding

Host of Rather B. Squidding & Co Host of The Unidentified Celebrity Review

Prior 2017 you would usually find Rather B. Squidding out on the docks, enjoying his favorite hobby… fishing for squid. He’d stare into the darkened ocean waiting for a school of squid to pass by while daydreaming about the possibilities of alien life.But after learning of the released Navy videos and accompanying NYT reporting on the matter… What was once daydreams and idle curiosity became an obsession. Instead of spending his nights at the squidding docks, Rather spent his nights on dark corners of the internet, digging up and sorting through decades of UFO stories and related science.In 2020, Rather realized he could not do this alone. He started his Youtube channel, Rather B. Squidding to share his theories and collect input on them. Through this journey, Rather has found an amazing, open minding, determined community that has blazed the trail before him. He hopes to join them and help light the way. Together, we might just be able to wrap our minds around the issues.


Avi Loeb - Home

Avi Loeb

Professor of Science at Harvard University

John Greenwald - Home

John Greenewald Jr.

The Black Vault

Jesse Michels - Home

Jesse Michels

YouTube Host

Grant Lavac - Home

Grant Lavac

Content Creator

Jazz Shaw - Home

Jazz Shaw


Luis Cayetano - Home

Luis Cayetano

Chris Lehto - Home

Chris Lehto

Ret. F-16 Fighter Pilot

Michael Mataluni - Home

Michael Mataluni

Digital Marketer

NIck Coffin Callis  - Home

Nick Coffin Callis

Invisible Night School

Campbell Moreira - Home

Campbell Moreira

Invisible Night School

Red Panda Koala - Home

Red Panda Koala

Content Creator

Leah Prime - Home

Leah Prime

Invisible Night School

Tom Orzechowski - Home

Tom Orzechowski

Tupacabra - Home



Cristina Gomez - Home

Cristina Gomez

Guest Co-Host

Ryan Sprague - Home

Ryan Sprague

Guest Co-Host

Harvard Astronmer, Avi Loeb

Researcher, John Greenwald Jr.

Journalist, Jazz Shaw

Digital Marketer, Michael Mataluni

Ret. F-16 Fighter Pilot Chris Lehto

Journalist, Daniel Otis

Content Creator, Grant Lavac

Invisble Night School (Nick Coffin-Callis, Campbell Moreira, Luis Cayetano, Leah Prime)

Artist, Tupacabra

Content Creator, Red Panda Koala

Youtube Host, Jesse Michels 

Activist, Tommy Zito

What people are saying

Following successful engagement with his senator, private citizen & UAP activist, @glensamson86 received a response this week from the Deputy Prime Minister/Minister for Defence, Richard Marles on #UAP in an Australian context. #ufotwitter #UFO #theBIGPHONEHOME3

It’s a thrill to see the “Australian UFO Sightings” (AUFOS) Facebook Group share information on #theBIGPHONEHOME3 with their 27K+ member base and help curious everyday Aussies engage their elected representatives on the #UAP/#UFO topic: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1693368024008592/permalink/5892924780719541/
#ufotwitter 🇦🇺🛸

It was a pleasure to be on with “Encounters Down Under” to discuss what Australia is & isn’t doing about the #UAP/#UFO topic, and highlight ways in which Aussies can engage their elected representatives on the issue. Watch at: https://m.facebook.com/groups/283374013880475/permalink/404850141732861/
#ufotwitter #theBIGPHONEHOME3

Kudos to @glensamson86 for engaging his Australian senator following #theBIGPHONEHOME3. His outreach couldn’t be more successful, with Senator Gallagher asking the Defence Minister to respond to Glen’s enquires. Thank you @SenKatyG for taking the #UAP topic seriously. #ufotwitter

As someone who’s passionate about the #UAP/#UFO topic & advocates for greater transparency, this is why I love #theBIGPHONEHOME3:

Education > Motivation > Activation

And a ton of Fun! My kind of #UFOtainment

Activate yourself at:
#ufotwitter #uaptwitter

Citizens can help get answers on #UAPs! Consider supporting legislation that will help reduce the long wait times and the common practice of hiding information using overclassification when submitting #FOIA requests. #theBIGPHONEHOME3 #fixFOIA #ufotwitter

Brian Massachusetts @BrianMassUFO

🏛 @SenatorRounds It is time to talk about the Government’s #UAP crash retrievals programs. #uaptwitter #ufotwitter

Citizens can help get answers on #UAPs! Consider supporting legislation that will help reduce the long wait times and the common practice of hiding information using overclassification when submitting #FOIA requests. #theBIGPHONEHOME3 #fixFOIA #ufotwitter

Brian Massachusetts @BrianMassUFO

🏛 @SenKevinCramer It is time to talk about the Government’s #UAP crash retrievals programs. #uaptwitter #ufotwitter

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